Of Staves and SigmasStavesNewJCV
Souls of Ergos Book One
by Geoffrey Verdegast

ISBN-13: 9781598582925 (Trade Paperback)
496 pages
Pub. Date: March 2007
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

Split personality disorder. Perhaps this is the best way James Wagner can describe his life. Is he really James Wagner going mad or is he really Voknor of Ergos? The unexpected shifting of worlds and personalities plunges the reader into a world of terror where our hero, James Wagner, must face blood thirsty foes in his quest for sanity.

To be brutally blunt, Of Staves and Sigmas is a hard read. The first part of the book reads more like a psychology book aimed at the college bound doctorate whose looking for strange and weird behavior types. The reader must plow through all this to get to where the “action is” and then we’re still having to wade through descriptive narrative that would give most readers headaches. Is this book for the average reader of adventure science fiction? No. The book is probably geared more for the astute, analytical types who find deep intriguing character development a syntax for the real world. If you’re looking for an adventure in the human pathos and conflicting psychological adventures, then read this book. Good luck, it might take you a while.– Billi Caye, Y-30 Staff