Quest’s EndQuestEndCV
The Broken Key #3
by Brian S. Pratt

ISBN-13: 9780595469536 (Trade Paperback)
Pub. Date: August 2007
Publisher: iUniverse

Finding the last segment of the Key to the King’s Horde has become an obsession with Riyan and his friends. Traveling into forbidden lands is not a problem. Riyan, Chad, Bart, and Kevik have faced more dangers and unusual challenges in their short history together than many a man in a whole lifetime. Now the road they’ve traveled in their search turns toward the land of the Moran Tribes. Setting out in the dead of winter for the Moran lands might seem foolish, but there is an urgent need to get there. If the last segment of the key is to be found in the land of the dread Moran Tribes, then Riyan and company will find it. Regardless of the dangers, weather or inhabitants of the land, this brave little band of treasure hunters will no doubt prevail in their search. Yet, finding the key and returning home may prove to be the gravest danger in the whole quest. Others have learned of Riyan and his friends quest and they are quickly scouring the countryside around Quillim in hopes of finding the entrance to the King’s Horde. Yes, the greatest peril and challenge of their lives may be when they return home.

The final installment of the Broken Key Trilogy could be classified as a nail biter. Brian S. Pratt puts the finishing touches on his sure to be a classic trilogy of young friends and their quest for gold.–Mark Randell, Y-30 Staff