One for Sorrow, Two for JoyOneforSorrowNewCV
by Clive Woodall

ISBN-13: 9780441012657 (Hardcover)
320 pages
Pub. Date: January 2005
Publisher: Ace

Slyekin, leader of the magpies, is bent on dominating all of Birddom. He’s ordered his followers to kill off all the small bird species throughout the land. Kirrick is the last of the robins and has eluded the nasty magpies for sometime. Slyekin will not be deterred and sends out his second in command, Traska, to murder Kirrick. The little robin seeks out the wise old owl named Tomar to see what can be done about the genocide the magpies have unleashed. Kirrick’s quest puts him on a wild race against time and the ever pursuing magpy murder Traska. Although some have remarked that this novel is similar to Watership Down, it most certainly isn’t. There’s too much gore, torture, and rape in this book to be considered worth reading to children. Some adults may find it offensive. A promising storyline could have been salvaged if the author had truly taken into account what “children” read. In the light of the times, children may be exposed to more than this book depicts. If you must read this book – be warned – it does not bode well for those who really love animals or stories about animals.—Steven Fivecats, Editor