The Summoning StoneSummoningStoneCV
Book Two of the Dragonfire Series
by Jana G. Oliver

ISBN: 097044902X (Trade Paperback)
Pub. Date: September 2002
Publisher: Magespell, LLC

The Southern Isle clansmen must come to grips with their murderous enemy from the north, Lord Phelan. This twisted ruler is bent on nothing less than the total extermination of the clansmen and he will stop at nothing until he has their leader, Caewlin, in his hands. Albeit as in any true high fantasy, fate delivers to Phelan a power weapon he intends to use in his brutal war against the Southern Isle clansmen. All the characters from the first book play pivotal roles that move this high fantasy to it’s ultimate conclusion. A very impressive sequel to The Circle of the Swan, Jana Oliver again spins a well crafted story whose characters feelings and expressions move beyond the page to capture the reader’s heart and soul. The characterization in this sequel seems a lot richer than in the tale before as Ms. Oliver has fine tuned her craft. Though this book has more violence and sex than the previous book, it is rendered in such a way not to be blatantly offensive and adds the depth needed to develop the characters. Any fan of fantasy will be rewarded well when they read this book. It is a stand alone novel, but is best appreciated when read after the first book.—Steven Fivecats, Editor