The Circle of the SwanCircleSwanCV
Book One of the DragonFire Series
by Jana G. Oliver

ISBN: 0970449011 (Trade Paperback)
Pub. Date: May 2001
Publisher: MageSpell Press

Jana Oliver is a gifted new writer who would fit right in with the fans of Anne McCaffrey, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and Andre Norton. Her debut fantasy novel, The Circle of the Swan, is an intriguing tale of siblings who’s drab medieval world is suddenly turned upside down. Morwyn is spellbound and kidnaped by an adept from the Circle of the Swan. False evidence planted by the adept points to Morwyn’s brutal murder and suspicions fall upon the disgraced warrior and eldest son of the House of Aderyan. Belwyn is indeed innocent of the terrible crime, but an enchantment placed upon him by the evil adept leads all to believe he is the fiendish killer. Even Belwyn falls under the influence of the spell and believes he indeed is the murderer. The events perpetrated by the evil adept have far reaching claws. Morwyn’s twin brother, Elrehan, who befriended Belwyn, even believes the lie and seeks revenge for his sister’s supposedly murder. Everything comes full circle and the past and present collide as civil war threatens the land. Jana Oliver’s new novel is a must read for all fantasy fans everywhere.—Steven Fivecats, Editor