It looks like good things are happening for a couple of Yellow30’s favorite people. First of all Frank Creed’s Flashpoint has experienced Internet “Stardom” rating via Amazon. Here’s the press release for all to gander:

For Immediate Release

Flashpoint” is an Amazon Bestseller

Lafayette, IN May 13, 2009—Frank Creed’s ground-breaking Christian cyberpunk novel “Flashpoint” (The Writers’ Café Press, 2007) passed a major milestone yesterday. It was listed as the top selling religious science-fiction/fantasy book on, the world’s leading online bookseller.

The rankings, which are updated hourly showed Creed’s book leading sales of the popular “Dragonkeeper” series by Donita Paul and the “Left Behind” series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.

“I was at reading a new 5 star review and I nearly fell off my chair when I saw [the ranking],” commented Creed. “I am hugely happy about this especially in light of what’s coming next.”

Creed is referring to the publication of “War of Attrition,” the second book in the Underground series later this year.

Flashpoint tells the story of a brother and sister living in the Chicago Metroplex of 2036 in a world where all religious devotion regardless of sect is considered terrorism. Taking the “street names” of Calamity Kid and eGirl, they join a “muscle cell” of the underground church tasked with protecting – within the limitations of the “Agape principle”- Christian believers from persecution through the use of non-lethal weapons and spiritually empowered cybernetic implants.

For more information about Frank Creed or “The Underground series,” visit Frank Creed’s Official Website.

Take heart all you self-pubbers this means there’s hope yet in a world of zillions of books. Frank is just one of those persistent types who believes in what he writes and does all he can to make sure the book gets all the exposure it can possibly have.

Another one of our fabulous authors is non other than two time Pluto Award winner, Jana G. Oliver. Jana has been pushing her books unashamedly at sci-fi conventions and other such venues where crazed authors travel to get their works noticed. She has appeared on convention panels, pod-casts and other multimedia formats as an expert in her field of endeavor. She has had three successful books published through a Canadian small press and now has graduated to the “Big Leagues.” Here’s a little snippet of the good things smiling down on our own Jana G. Oliver:

Here’s my official announcement:

It is with much amazement and joy that I announce that St. Martin’s Press has purchased my first three books in the DEMON TRAPPERS Series. The series is a Young Adult Urban Fantasy and follows the exploits of a seventeen-year-old Atlanta teen as she tries to become a legendary demon trapper just like her father.  I’m not privy to publication dates as of yet, but I’ll let you know when my first NY-published novel will appear at a bookstore near you.

A new website for Jana is currently in the construction phase, but if you wish to know more about our Time Rover creator then just head on over to the old site for current news. Jana G. Oliver’s Official Old Site.

The staff at Yellow30 is very excited at the things happening with these two fellow authors. The reviews of their books can still be found here in our achieves if one does a careful search. Perhaps in months to come we’ll have more news of the success of the authors who’ve come through this Internet portal of writing adventure.