Bone WalkBonewalkCV
The Journey of Thomas Shepard
by Kevin Howe

ISBN-13: 9780970720627 (Trade Paperback)
320 pages
Pub. Date: November 2001
Publisher: Firelight Publishing, Inc.

A gifted and unassuming warehouse keeper, Thomas Shepard, is not likely to be the one to seek after adventure, especially an adventure into the dreaded Western Wood. Yet Thomas’ simple life of ledgers and grain counts is shattered when mysterious objects of great beauty start appearing in his small nearly forgotten medieval village of Eden. When summoned one late night to Lord Varden’s tower room, Thomas is entrusted with a mission of great importance. Find a mysterious book and bring it back. Little does Thomas know that this sudden “mission” will change his life forever and the two companions sent along with him. Kevin Howe’s first novel is a chilling tale of mystery, terror and a danger that seeks to twist the human soul. Bone Walk has blend of horror reflective of Stephen King with a flavor of adventure to entice the reader to keep turning the pages. If you like horror and mystery, Bone Walk is a must read.—Steven Fivecats, Editor