Mars Threat AssessmentMarsThreatCV
by James Armentrout

ISBN:1588510484 (Trade Paperback)
275 pages
Pub Date: September 2001
Publisher: AmErica House

Mars can be a deadly place to live and work. The atmosphere is so thin that without a spacesuit your blood would boil. And talk about cold. Without that precious spacesuit your skin would freeze and peel away in minutes. So, what was geologist Paul Danziger thinking when he decided to take a job on the Red Planet? It was good pay. But while in the employ of De Boer Enterprises he learns the existence of some advanced technology that used in the wrong hands would enslave Mars and devastate the solar system’s economy. The Martian Underground is interested in this technology, but they want to want to use it to aid the indigent people of the planet. So, what does Paul do? He steals it. And the pursuit is on. Soon it becomes a race against time and time suddenly gets shaky as this technology draws in another factor no one knew about. The Nazis. This debut novel by James Armentrout is a fast paced, race against time, thriller, set on the far away Red Planet some 50 plus years into the future. A believable tale of intrigue and murder.—Steven Fivecats, Editor