The Light of EidonLightofEidionCV
Legends of the Guardian-King
by Karen Hancock

ISBN: 0764227947 (Trade Paperback)
400 pages
Pub. Date: July 2003
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Prince Abramm Kalladorne has relinquish any claim to the Kiriathian crown as he’s chosen to follow a high call. But it would seem those forces of the high powers have other plans for young Abramm before he can take his vows in the holy order of the Mataio. He’s kidnaped and sold into slavery by his own brother, not to mention the duplicity of the very high priests of Abramm’s order. Accompanied into slavery with the captain of the king’s guard, Abramm survives his captivity under the banner of the Black Moon. He’s no longer the weak, bookish prince he went away as. No, through the slavery and struggle to survive, Abramm becomes a powerful warrior-gladiator whose reputation soon becomes legendary. As Prince Abramm struggles and survives in the arena, he struggles internally to find the one true God. That struggle pits him against his friend, Meridon, the king’s guard. Meridon’s Terstan religion is in direct conflict with Abramm’s understanding of the God his Mataio order represents. The Terstan religion is clearly a parallel with Christianity. This swashbuckling, sword and sorcery fantasy is clearly a understanding of the struggles between good and evil, darkness and light. C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien would be proud of what Karen Hancock has done with this first book in the Legends of the Guardian-King series. —Steven Fivecats, Editor