Child of LightChildofLightCV2
by Diane Bentley Barker

ISBN: 1-4257-1582-6 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 256
Pub. Date: July 2006
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

“The Goddess told us there may be one of us chosen to disappear into time… She told us these special time travelers live however long they are needed in one place…. I pray you are that one…” Thus Poma’s grandmother prophesies of things to come. The story’s main character, Poma, lives ten out of every thousand years in the era to which she is transported by the goddess.

Child of Light is an entertaining story of a young woman’s passion for color, particularly her obsession for the secrets of the color purple. Poma’s search for the color purple entwines her in the lives and times of those with whom she travels. She is placed in these different eras by the goddess who has destined her to jump forward in time in order to help others by imparting knowledge they need to have for their development in the area of these arts.

Child of Light flows well as it jumps through the portals of time into the future. With each new time phase, the main character, Poma, is introduced to a new set of people, but manages to interact with them quickly so that she can survive. The reader, as well as the main character, is also easily transported into future events and thus making it easy to follow the story.

Diane Bentley Barker uses her unique talents as a foundation for the story. Her interest in fabrics and dyes shows in the story, and it caused me, the reader, to be interested enough to do some research on these topics.

It is a well spun story. Recommended for time travel buffs as well as well as those interested in historical intrigue. — Steven Fivecats, Editor