Tau 4Tau4CV
by V. J. Waks

ISBN-13: 9781434333933 (Trade Paperback)
496 pages
Pub. Date: October 2007
Publisher: Authorhouse

The perfect killing machine. That’s what the Homeworld Alliance wants in their war against the Outworlds. But the perfect killing machine in this case is made of flesh and blood. A living breathing organism so cunning and capable that it’s very existence is keep secret. But we’re not talking some strange “Alien” type life form here. This perfect killing machine is the brainchild of one Dyle Carzon, an enigmatic and ruthless individual whose medical brilliance has traveled a bloody road that will certainly lead to a terrible holocaust.

Enter Dr. Stephen Weller, behavioral specialist, who is brought to Altair Base to meet Carzon’s brainchild, Tau 4. Weller will soon learn that there is more going on here than meets the eye. Carzon’s obsession forces Weller into a clash between creator and his creation as the young specialist confronts the bitter irony of deceit and betrayal.

V.J. Waks has penned a well written tale that will pull the reader into a conflict that has transcended the ages as well as planets in the far reaches of space. A great read.–Billi Caye, Y-30 Staff