Rexcalibur: The Magic ReturnsRexcaliberCV
by Mitzi Kleidon

ISBN-13: 9780738858470 (Trade Paperback)
Paperback, 279 pp
Pub. Date: July 2001
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Magic and Camelot are intertwined like the very fibers on the Orchid that has held the kingdom together for unspeakable ages. The evil Morgan has succeeded in transporting the flower far from the kingdom. When the magic burns out in Camelot, hope seems virtually gone from the land. Hunger, pestilence and death now stalk Camelot. Yet where there is the slightest spark, hope will always rise again. King Stefan, the new ruler, has been told to wait for the appearance of eleven valiant men, direct descendants of the First Knights. Among these men will be the Truest Knight who will lead them on a fantastic journey to bring back the magic Orchid. Now this new tale of Camelot pits men against evil once again. Angels and demons clash with humanity as the descendants of the original knights of the Round Table are called together once again to save the kingdom. Each knight faces perilous obstacles in his quest to get to Camelot. Once the Truest of Knights releases Excalibur from the stone, only with the Magic Orchid will the true magic be restored to the land. An intriguing storyline, a new tale of Camelot. —Steven Fivecats, Editor