Mars HarvestMarsHarvestCV
by James Armentrout

ISBN: 1576880281 (Trade Paperback)
Paperback, 400pp
Pub. Date: November 2003
Publisher: Branch & Vine Publishers

Paul Skorzeny is a successful businessman who realizes that the planet Earth has reached a critical state. Pollution and over population is now a cancer spread across the planet – sucking out its life. Earth is beyond repair and salvation. There is a glimmer of hope and Paul latches on to it. That glimmer of hope is on the distant planet Mars. But the high price tag attached to that hope pulls him into an underworld of theft and espionage. Skorzeny’s plan is simple – armed with the latest cutting edge technology, he intends to transform Mars into a living planet. Yet this bold grand scheme meets stiff resistance from the Mars First Movement. Others are after Paul’s technology in a deep secret coverup with strings running from Earth to the Moon to Mars. Suddenly both groups are faced with an even bigger problem with the accidental release of lethal nano-machines. If left unchecked, these deadly mirco-machines will spread like a plague and will erase humans from the face of the solar system.

Armentrout’s fourth book is his best yet. Filled with suspense, murder, and deadly alliances, Mars Harvest paints a clear picture of what men and women will do when given a taste of ultimate power and corruption. Definitely a book that moves well and the action keeps the reader on the edge of your seat. Mars Harvest is a bold new novel about humanity’s deep motivations and how the deep seeds of greed and power influence people to do the things they do. A good blend of science, action and a believable portrayal of what space exploration may come to. A five star book for the serious science fiction fan.—S.C. Macon, Editor