The Langsyne Chronicles Book Two
by Jonathan Christopher

ISBN-13: 9780981517919 (Trade Paperback)
Pages: 471
Pub. Date: March 2008
Publisher: Raedon

Draconis Zsi suddenly and rudely finds himself the prisoner of the Kilroyd, a lizard like insectoid race bent on conquest. The Kilroyd have been instructed to capture Zsi and bring him to Yvik Dardarious who has a personal vendetta for Zsi. General Iocon of the Kilroyd is quite puzzled why Dardarious would want such a poor excuse for organicon to begin with. But he is not to question his orders.

Meanwhile, Princess Achiba, Lt. Commander Throthar and the other members of the Argo are trying to find out where Zsi has gone. They inadvertently stumble upon the planet Dakhar-inhabited by dragons. As it turns out the dragons of Dakhar are far more than they appear.

Again, Christopher’s Langsyne Chronicles moves forward with a lot of action and scene changing. The engaging Dragonsoar and deadly Kilroyd provide an excellent mixture of aliens that blend well into Christopher’s saga. This faster paced novel will almost have you breathless and wanting to request some shore leave to recoup. Never a dull moment with this one.–Mark Randell, Y-30 Staff