by Kelly Madden

ISBN: 978-1-935013-23-5 (ebook)
68 pages
Pub. Date: July 2008
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing

What would you do if you felt like you were the last of your kind? Ask Merta. She’s a pixie and she’s living in Ireland. But alas not all is well. You see the pixies in Ireland are fading. To add more sadness to Merta’s already diminishing future, her adopted human family has decided to immigrate to the New World, to America. It will be a better life. Godart, the brownie, is going with them. So, what does a good pixie do in a situation like this. Go to America! Once Merta and Godart’s adopted human family settle into the new land, Merta discovers, though the land is sparsely populated by humans, other Native American spirits abound. While Godart, the brownie, abodes with the adopted family, Merta soon finds herself adopted as well. Bear brings Merta to live with her and in the process she encounters a whole lot of other creatures that have special ways about them. Through this whole adventure Merta is changing and learning the world is changing around her. Merta and Bear face an assortment of perils as Native American culture collides with those from over the Great Water.

Ms. Madden has a delightful way of presenting a fresh twist to our fun loving fantasy folks, the pixies. There is a wonderful blend of imagery here that will delight the reader page after page. Ms. Madden also weaves a tenderhearted story of love, lose, and new life in what may one day become a classic young adult book.

Even though this is a young adult book. I’m sure some older folks might find this an entertaining read. I would hope that in time this e-book would be available in bound print format. It would make a fabulous addition to any school library when it does. All in all an excellent read for those willing to take the time – Stefanie Longwood, Y-30 Staff