The Flame Withinflamewithinbc
Keeper’s Garden Trilogy – Book One
by Eric Noss

ISBN-13: 9780595505715 (Trade Paperback)
318 pages
Pub Date: April 2008
Publisher: iUniverse

It is a time of civil war. A time when the Keeper’s Garden is plagued by death, treachery and assassination. For Spirit Knight Aralon Mittel it is the most challenging time of his life.

Leading a ragtag army of the Liberation, Aralon Mittel has vowed to take back Almach Tur from the usurper Salinar Gederin and to put Iyennya Farin on the throne. It will be a difficult task for Mittel’s army as Gederin’s Imperial Red Lion legions have spread death and destruction through the whole realm. On top of all this, Aralon has his own personal demons to exorcize in the process of trying to free his beloved Keeper’s Garden.

Another set of eyes are also looking for Aralon. Mist Elf Kiyana Irhan has ventured into the Keeper’s Garden bound by a blood oath to bring Aralon Mittel back to Pit’Ten Arkha for the Pilgrim. It is the Pilgrim who has special need of Aralon.

Aralon’s fate is in the hands of the Keepers as the Evil tries to destroy the Garden and pull down the rightful heir to the throne. Aralon, Darvin Hegg and Mist Elf Kiyana face the armies of the Imperial Red Lion head on and the true evil behind Salinar Gederin.

Eric Noss has skillfully written an enchanting tale of courage, fortitude and high adventure in this debut novel, The Flame Within. The first book of a truly daunting tale of magic, love and devotion to duty. The reader will be left anxiously awaiting the next installment of this trilogy. Highly recommended for all those Lord of the Rings lovers out there.—Steven Fivecats, Editor