by Jana G. Oliver
Book One: Time Rover Series

ISBN 1896944302 (Trade Paperback)
369 pages
Pub Date: April 2006
Publisher: Dragon Moon Press

Jacynda Lassiter is a Time Rover on a mission. Find a missing “tourist” and bring him back to 2057 before he changes history. A simple task? Not quite. The time period is Victorian England. The place none other than the infamous Whitechapel District. And she’s been deposited into this maelstrom just before the Ripper’s killing spree.

In addition to the horrendous conditions that abound in Whitechapel, messy streets, prostitutes, thugs, the Ripper, mysterious shape-shifters lurk about, making friend and foe indistinguishable. Jacynda has entered a very dangerous world. A world that will suddenly make her “assignment” become even more dangerous when a fellow Time Rover is killed. Now it becomes personal and Jacynda will not rest until she finds out who the murderer is. Could it be the Ripper? With the aide of two Victorian gentlemen, who have secrets of their own, Jacynda tries to find her “tourist” and uncover the identity of the murderer of her fellow Rover.

This is an intriguing new novel from Jana G. Oliver. Ms. Oliver has painted a clear picture of Victorian England at the time of the Ripper Murders. The reader will quickly get the feel for the time and place. The vial nature of this world will certainly hold the reader’s attention, as Ms. Oliver’s tale brings one face to face the harsh realities of 19th century England. One will understand Dr. Montrose’s passionate desire to help the poor unfortunates of Whitechapel and his friend, Jonathan Keats’ driving force to undercover clues to find the anarchists bent on bringing down the English government. Jacynda and her two gentlemen friends quickly become involved in more dangers than they can imagine. This is quite a time travel, shape-shifter, mystery. Jana Oliver is becoming quite a wordsmith in her own right. Keep an eye on this lady. She’s on the rise in the literary world. Highly recommended. – Steven Fivecats, Editor