Hagitha’s Chronicleshagithaweb
by Kelly Madden

ISBN: 978-1-935013-15-0 (e-book)
105 pages
Pub. Date: June 2008
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing

In a cute, friendly town that houses a powerful clan of witches, a troll and other fantastical creatures; one intelligent witch finds her calling to become a detective. Hagitha is warm, fashionable, and out going. She has a talented knack for pin pointing details in her surroundings that her friends never notice, so she decides to take on the position of being a full time detective instead of working as a fashion agent. She solves her first case quickly and skillfully, gaining even more trust and admiration from the townsfolk. Hagitha loves her job, delighted that she made the decision to take it on full time. During her cases, she befriends young vampires, a mermaid, a ghost, and a constable along with many more. However, not all of her detective work is the same, for in some instances she searches for a missing mermaid tail, hunts down man eating insects, mentors vampires, tracks down a missing dragon, and undergoes many more various cases. Hagitha experiences ups and downs in her work, but she is kept on her toes, making new friends everywhere she goes. Her detective work is truly unique and one of a kind.

What a truly imaginative story! Within the first chapter I was hooked and after that it was hard to put down. There was never a time that I thought Hagitha’s Chronicles were uninteresting, for Kelly Madden really puts her creative imagination to work in her writing. Each chapter flowed into the other, always giving the reader a new twist to ponder. Madden really brings her characters to life and lets the reader connect to each individual one as her story progresses. Her choice of words draw the reader into each moment of the story, letting one know exactly what is happening. I truly loved Madden’s story, for it is one of a kind, and recommend it to everyone. Hagitha’s Chronicles is wonderfully spell-binding; a story that will have you “tossing up a fistful of herbs” to try and conjure up more!—Ashley Ligon, Y-30 Staff