Never Ceeseneverceesecv2
by Sue Dent

ISBN-13: 978-1599580173 (Hardcover)
300 pages
Pub. Date: February 2006
Publisher: Journey Stone Creations

As a vampire, Richard never expected that a werewolf could help him overcome the curse that was given to him hundreds of years ago. Likewise, as a werewolf, Ceese has little faith that Richard could in turn help her with her curse. Yet it is the determination of their close friend, Penny, that brings Richard and Ceese together for the good. The vampire and werewolf struggle to look past their differences and get along, but what Richard doesn’t realize is how close Ceese really is to him. Meanwhile, a professor of stem cell research takes advantage of an enthusiastic college student’s research; a possible cure for vampires and werewolves through the stem cell process. The professor, Dr. Henderson, is only in on the research for his own diabolical plan of becoming immortal. Richard and Ceese struggle to find the cure they have been longing to have, while narrowly escaping from Dr. Henderson’s attacks. With the odds stacking against them, can Richard and Ceese find the cure that has eluded them for so long?

Sue Dent’s novel, Never Ceese, kept me turning pages to read more and snagged my interest almost immediately. Being a fan of vampire and werewolf novels, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dent’s novel. With a modern twist to the traditional vampire and werewolf stories, this novel keeps the reader interested while weaving a creative and original plot. Any vampire or werewolf fan should pick up a copy of this book. I would recommend Never Ceese to all.—Ashley Ligon