Ambush on Plutozerkiancv
The Zerkian Chronicles
by Miguel Aviles

ISBN-13: 9781441505156 (Trade Paperback)
155 pages
Pub. Date: February 2009
Publisher: Xlibris

They came, they conquered. Pure and simple. End of discussion. The Zerkians thought all was well. But a splinter group of Zerkians known as the ’Xel Shadaa decided to throw in with the humans and reclaim Earth. Frame working a global alliance humanity aligned with the ‘’Xel Shadaa are putting all their efforts in developing a super weapon that will bring the Zerkian Empire to it’s knees. This will be no easy task. They must develop this weapon in secrecy and as far away from Earth as possible. The super secret research facility is placed on Pluto, far enough away no to draw attention or risk possible invasion again. Or so they thought. Kiplan Zeethar soon learns that Under-Prince Reas Seer has showed up on Pluto with a group of Imperial defectors. Zeethar stumbles into the most terrifying nightmare of a lifetime when he reaches Pluto. Old enemies are hard to die and they bring with them a spaceship load of horrors.

Miguel Aviles has written a very entertaining book which puts a new spin on author’s imagination. We’ll probably see more Zerkians in the future as Aviles keeps at the keys to spin another tale or two.– Mark Randell