Wind Followerwindfollowercv
by Carol McDonald

ISBN-13: 9780809557790 (Trade Paperback)
382 pages
Pub. Date: July 2007
Publisher: Juno Books

The power of love. It’s mystic and sometimes puzzling. For Satha tya Monua it is a puzzle at first. But for young Loic tyu Taer, a young wealthy son of her father’s Doreni friend, he is smitten the first time he laid eyes on Satha. There can be no other woman on the planet than this dark-skinned beauty from a poor Theseni clan. It doesn’t even matter that Satha is older than he. Loic ask for Satha’s hand in marriage and her parents agree to the union. Despite the tribal differences, Satha and Loic make the most of the arrangement. Loic is madly in love but Satha’s passion has to slowly blossom as the marriage grows. But not everyone is happy with this marriage arrangement. Quite the contrary. Loic’s father’s jealous third wife has designs of her own to insure that this happiness dies a merciless death. Satha’s and Loic’s world comes crashing down and they are separated by the enemy of their souls. Betrayal, rape, slavery; Satha and Loic must face a brutal world apart, but there is always hope. A loving Creator God guides them through their difficult times and restores a love that others plotted to destroy forever.
Carol McDonnell has penned a fanciful world of rich characters, places, and culture that immerse the reader right from the beginning. Wind Follower is a gripping tale of love, betrayal, heartache and loss. But it is also a tale of hope and the power of love. Highly recommended.–Stefanie Longwood