Paraworld Zeronewparazerocv1
by Matthew Peterson

ISBN 13: 9781590924914
251 pages
Pub Date: January 2008
Publisher: Windstorm Creative

Twelve year old Simon Kent has problems like any other kid. Dealing with bullies at school is just part of the predicaments he has to deal with on a daily basis. Simon has no idea who his father might have been. His mother died while he was being born. Now he lives in a foster home and dealing with that just adds to his misery at times. But as fate who have it, Simon’s life goes from ordinary to “Harry Potter Cool” when he meets a strange young girl named, Tonya, who’s hair changes colors with her mood swings. Tonya is not of this world, in fact she’s from a parallel world and she wants to get back. In the process Simon learns he can do magic too! Amazing! Harry Potter step back, Simon Kent is a magic welder with a secret history.

Paraworld Zero is a fun packed adventure story about young Simon Kent and his trials and tribulations in learning who he really is and how he fits into his place in the universe. This book not only provides some fun adventures, cool characters, and laughable moments, but interlaced into the story is building blocks to let young readers know that they can believe in who they are and that they have a purpose in the world at large. Definitely a good read and recommended for kids 9 and up. Adults should have fun reading this book. I’d recommend reading it to your child at bedtime. Cool stuff!—Billi Caye