The Night of the Millionth Dream-Revisitedmillionthnightcvnew
by J.J.  Goeders

ISBN13: 978-1-4257-9319-7 (Trade Paperback)
ISBN13: 978-1-4257-9321-0 (Hardback)
354 pages
Pub Date: October 2008
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

There’s something mysterious about the old steamer trunk in Billy Spindlenook’s bed room. For Billy there’s an unsettled fear about this ancient looking thing. There are also some perplexing strangeness about it. Once inside the old trunk there is room in it for several grown ups and the longer one stays inside the bigger it gets. So Billy keeps it closed. But one night he hears strange noises coming from the trunk. The trunk creaks open and an eerie light filters out as the initials (S.O.S.) on the trunk suddenly light up, disengage and stack vertically on top of the trunk with the lower S slipping into the handle. A cable of glowing light filters down through the rafters and wraps around the top S. Billy is mesmerized by it all. To his bewildered mind two shriveled up old ladies step out of the trunk. They introduce themselves as Betwixtit and Behindit, of the Timit Family. They are Celestialites from the Economy of Time. They are Dream Traders and they are here to trade for Billy’s dream.

So, thus begins J.J. Goeders fantastic little tale that will delight you to every fiber of your senses. Goeders use of word play makes this an enchanted work of skill and visual delight as Billy and his sister Mary travel with the Timit Sisters in an entertaining adventure that will leave the reader laughing, crying, and tingly all over. A note of interest is that the songs laced throughout the work are original material composed by the author and a demo CD is available. A local symphony orchestra even debut one of the songs in a recent performance. The Night of the Millionth Dream makes the magic of Harry Potter dull in comparison. A delightful read that should appeal to young and old alike.–Stefanie Longwood