Book 2 The Seeds of Civilization Series
by R.J. Archer

ISBN: 0977910911 (Trade Paperback)
Pub. Date: March 2006
Publisher: Nwidi Press

Dr. Frank Morton loves mystery and adventure. The two make a great combination that has gotten him into some serious trouble in the last several years. Intrigue has a way of attracting him like a magnet. A trip to southern Japan to investigate a mysterious underwater pyramid turns into more than he and his NWIDI team bargain for. Off the coast of Yonaguni Island the NWIDI team not only find a fascinating ancient pyramid, but stumble into murder that has ties to international kidnaping.

Frank begins to wonder what’s going on from the start. Not only is someone murdered right in front of their hanger, but government agents show up in Tokyo to entangle them in more intrigue. That’s just the least of his worries. When the team finally arrives on Yonaguni, they find that this small island of 1200 people has a dark secret known to few outside the island.

R.J. Archer has penned another fast paced, well written, and researched novel. Archer and Clive Cussler would do well together. They both write with the flair for adventure and research. The action is not lost on the reader either as the characters move from one narrow escape to another in this tense building novel. With this second installment of the Seeds of Civilization Series, R.J. Archer as established himself as a master storyteller with a gift for ancient mysteries. After reading one of his book, a reader would most certainly want to check out the latest facts and figures into some of the mysteries Archer writes about. Highly recommended book. The next book in the series should be a great read as well. Something to look forward to.—Steven Fivecats, Editor