by R.J. Archer

ISBN-13: 9780977910908 (Trade Paperback)
332 pages – Revised Edition
Pub. Date: June 2006
Publisher: NWIDI Press

Aerospace engineer Frank Morton’s world is on a collision course with the universe and little does he know what turn of events are going to shape the rest of his life. A recent widower, Frank unexpectedly wins a 86 million dollar lottery jackpot. Almost simultaneously an old Viet Nam buddy shows up with a mysterious black sphere inscribed with hieroglyphics that seem very Mayan in origin. More than intrigued, Frank convinces his buddy and two other friends, an anthropologist and a newspaper researcher, to help him investigate this mysterious Mayan sphere. Purpose and exact origin are the two things Frank wants to pinpoint, because once the sphere comes into his possession his world is suddenly turned upside down and inside out. Frank and his friends’ investigation takes them on a journey from Seattle to a secret military installation in Nevada with the trail leading to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. But their travels are not as secretive as they hope; government agents are watching and waiting. They also draw the attention of Mexican Federales and an ancient Maya priest. Black spheres and dead bodies start popping up. Frank and his team have stumbled across a three thousand year old secret that suggests links between shamans of Mesoamerica and a race of alien explorers. R. J. Archer has crafted a fine first novel with Tractrix. If you like Clive Cussler’s writing you will certainly love R. J. Archer’s mesh of historical facts and culture with theories and speculations that have intrigued man for several decades. This is only the first book in the installment to THE SEEDS OF CIVILIZATION series. This is a great first effort. Keep watch for the next book, it’s sure to be a page turner as well.