The Island of Marnamarnacv
by Jamey Heit

ISBN: 160034125X (Trade Paperback)
ISBN: 1600341268 (Hardcover)
Pub Date: May 2006
Publisher: Xulon Press

Saias and her mountain people have a long distrust for Oscar’s forest group. Together they must forge a unity to recover their shared past and defeat their common enemy, Molech. Saias and Oscar learn of a secretive people in the west who may be the answer to victory. In their quest they stumble upon the mysterious ruft berry. Will the fragile unity knitted together hold while Saias and Oscar venture westward, or will it unravel and lead to their defeat at the hand of Molech’s deadly forces? Molech has his own quest, as he must find and destroy the one person who can defeat him.

The Island of Marna is a story of what happens to a divided people and what transpires to bring them back together again. The characters are enjoyable and although there is not a lot of historical information about the people and places, the author does a good job with the information he gives the reader. Heit is a marvelous storyteller and particularly engaging in this fantasy tale. However, a little more background information to enhance the storyline would have done wonders. If you are looking for a good story to read and relax with, this is it. It is interesting and will keep your attention from the beginning. The only real drawback is the vernacular sounded more modern day than era appropriate. Still, it is an excellent read.