Chronicles of the HEdgechronhedge2
by Jeff Ovall

ISBN-13: 9781931232340 (Trade Paperback)
Paperback, 384pp
Pub. Date: June 2001
Publisher: Xulon Press

Genocide. It happens in all ages throughout time. Spawned by the Evil that transcended time and space to usurp the Creator and all that He had created. And that Evil would use God’s most precious creation to carry out it’s diabolical mission.

Christianity becomes an outcast again in this futuristic time that Jeff Ovall has created in his debut novel. Once again Christians find themselves hunkered down in secret underground meetings to share their faith and comfort one another. The true Evil behind the current political machine is determined to finish once and for all eternity what it had started centuries before. John Rex, underground leader and evangelist is in the crosshairs of the HEdge’s mission to exterminate the Christians.

Heading HEdge’s mission of genocide is Roderick Banchard whose zeal is only mirrored in Rex’s determination and belief in his faith. Banchard will spare no expense and marshals his soldiers to hunt down Rex and his underground.

Jeff Ovall’s “Chronicles of the HEdge” is a gripping story of the possible destiny of mankind if he continues to pursue the present course of philosophy and world view. A world dominated by man’s need to serve self and to control the masses into an ideology from the very Pit itself. Chronicles of the Hedge is a gripping story of hope in the middle of darkness and the struggle of men and women brave enough to challenge a world gone mad. There is a shade of truth through this whole novel that each man and woman must answer for themselves here in the real world. The darker the world might get, the greater the Light will shine in that darkness. The book reads much like the Left Behind series and has a few unsuspected twists as the book reaches it breathtaking climax.