Lion Vrielionvriecv
The White Lion Chronicles – Book 2
by Christopher Hopper

ISBN-13: 9781933853499 (Trade Paperback)
576 pages
Pub. Date: June 2007
Publisher: Tsaba House

Luik, son of Lair, awakens to find himself at Mt. Dakka, a high mountain fortress in the northern kingdom of Tontha. Through his fellow Dibor and friend, Brax, he learns just how bad the dark minions of Morgui have spilled the blood of thousands all across Dionia. Upon full recovery of his wounds, Luik is determined to go back to the rubble of Ariel to find any clues that will lead him to the other Dibor. In so doing, he finds what he’s looking for as well as his beloved, Anorra.

Once Luik and Anorra return to Mt. Dakka, he takes charge and begins the work to fortify the city, for it is determined that eventually Morgui will turn north and do everything in his power to lay siege to the city and destroy everyone and everything inside. As fortifications, supplies, and material roll into Mt. Dakka, Luik gets a mysterious summons. Hard pressed with all the fortification matters, Luik realizes this summons can not be ignored. So, after putting the fortification project into other capable hands, Luik and Anorra embark on a perilous journey to find the fabled City of Ot.

Finding the mysterious city proves more perilous than realized, but the dangers multiply the deeper Luik and Anorra go into the forest kingdom of Grandath. Little do they know, finding Ot will prove to be the least of their worries. Morgui has devised a deadly plan that will ensnare them and a host of others. Luik and Anorra have only one source to rely on. At times that source seems very far away and silent.

With this second book in the White Lion Chronicles, Christopher Hopper should be considered a major contender when it comes to Christian fantasy. He has built a believable world that will hold it’s own against Narnia and Middle Earth. Hopper’s rich blend of intrigue and subtle nuances will bring the reader into a lavish world filled with vivid images. Christopher Hopper is a good storyteller. A good image maker and a writer who strongly believes in what he writes. All good qualities once would expect. This is a grand tale, a spectacular saga that will capture the hearts of readers for years to come. Expect more great things out of Christopher Hopper, I am. – Steven Fivecats,  Editor