Hunter of the Hordehunterofhordecv1
The Broken Key #2
by Brian S. Pratt

ISBN-13: 9780595446735 (Trade Paperback)
419 pages
Pub. Date: April 2007
Publisher: iUniverse

The Death Mark! Not a good tag for a thief, even one of the best. For Bartholomew Agreani it meant that the price on his head was worth more than a lot of booty other thieves could pilfer. So, Bart’s life had a bleak future – death, unless he could buy back the mark. Fate would place him in a strategic spot to ensure he could do just that. Having befriended Riyan Borenson and Chad Kelon of the small village of Quillim the trio stumble upon the fabled King’s Horde. Now with money in hand, Bart is able to buy back the death mark. Meanwhile his other companions, Riyan and Chad enlist in the Warriors Guild, while their other friend, Kevik, tries to improve his craft as a magic user. One does not come into a lot of money without word eventually leaking out and finding it’s way to other sinister ears. For you see, the King’s Horde is famous and a number of villainous folk have been searching for years to find it. Some will stop at nothing to get the riches buried with the fabled King.

Riyan is no longer the timid shepherd boy from Quillim or Chad the clumsy miller’s son. The Warriors Guild has molded them into strong, determined young men. While Kevik is learning, through trial and error, how to become a successful magic user, he too is growing in confidence and ability. All these new skills will be put to the test as Bart finds himself the focal point of the Hunter of the Horde, a ruthless villain who has ways to make men talk. Riyan and his friends must use every skill they’ve learned to rescue their friend from this deadly hunter.

This second book in The Broken Key trilogy continues to weave a spellbinding story that carries our four fellow adventurers on their quest to find the final two segments of the Key that will unlock the fabled King’s Horde. Intrigue, adventure, terror and excitement carry the reader page after page. For the fantasy addict this will add to your addiction. Read with care, but enjoy the trip, for this is an exciting one.–Mark Randell