Hinge of Destinyhingeofd2
D-Day 1946
by James Armentrout

ISBN: 1413704026 (Trade Paperback)
280 pages
Pub Date: November 2003
Publisher: Publish America

It is May 1946. World War Two has lasted much longer than thought. Plans are in the works to retake Italy and the Allies are preparing a major offensive to push back the Germans. Allied commanders fear the Germans may be close to deploying an atomic bomb. Naval Commander Paul Myers is recruited by the OSS for a secret mission. One of America’s nuclear scientist has been captured by the Germans. With his capture, it is almost a certainty that Germany has the bomb. Paul’s mission is to get into Germany, retrieve or kill the scientist and put an end to German’s nuclear program. But all doesn’t go according to plan. After Paul and OSS agent Freda Muller parachute into the heart of enemy territory they soon discover that others are after the same scientists. The French and the Communists all have their own designs and have players in place to make sure they get what they want. Paul and Freda find themselves thrown into a mad race against time. Who will win? At stake the fate of Europe and the world.

James Armentrout’s alternate history builds to an explosive climax. The intriguing thing about this book is the use of military aircraft and hardware that was developmental during the real war years. Armentrout has blended well in a convincing way the use of helicopters, vertical take off jets, and the deadly “cold bombs” in a action adventure that should appeal to any Harry Turtledove fan. The characters for the most part are well developed. Action is spread throughout and not overbearing. A good read.