Adara and the Piratesadaracv2
of The Great Sand Sea
by Jerry Williston

ISBN: 1-4134-9207-X (Trade Paperback)
ISBN: 1-4134-9208-8 (Hardback)
Pages: 169
Pub. Date:
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Makin of Bahir is a Master Boatman. He’s entrusted with transporting valuable cargo across the Great Sand Sea. Piloting a wind-powered sand barge takes great skill and a thorough knowledge of the ever shifting and unforgiving desert. Added to those dangers is the plague of pirates that infest the Great Sand Sea. Makin’s young daughter, Adara, is on her first voyage and it soon becomes an unforgettable adventure filled with pirates, danger, and a desperate rescue attempt.

The premise of the story, ships in the desert, is an interesting concept much similar to Philip Jose Farmer’s Green Odyssey. Even though the author uses terms like, “seamanship” which one would naturally think of ships on water, the reader is quickly reminded that these sailing ships are on a vast desert filled with great danger. The storyline moves well and is fairly well written. There are a few too many typos for me, but the story is fluid and, for the most part, keeps the reader’s attention. The one draw back to this story is its predictability. There are no real twists and turns to capture the reader’s attention. All in all, it’s a good book that is entertaining.
Stefanie Longwood