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Book Two Time Rovers Series
by Jana G. Oliver

ISBN-13: 9781896944760 (Trade Paperback)
330 pages
Pub. Date: October 2007
Publisher: Dragon Moon Press

Our favorite Time Rover is back. Jacynda Lassiter has been handed an assignment that will sorely test her skills and determination. The mission: find and apprehend the greatest Time Rover of them all, Harter Defoe. Defoe will not want to be found and certainly will not want to be return to his own time: 2057. Jacynda has been thrown a curve. There is no room for error, no reason to return to the future without Defoe. Prison awaits her if she fails on this mission.

Once again the reader is smack in the middle of Victorian England and all the subtle little things that make this place special for our Time Rover expert. But is Victorian England really safe? There is the Ripper, but now there is even a bigger menace lurking in the shadows and threatening the other “visitors” in Whitechapel. The shape-shifting Transitives suddenly find themselves in the middle of this new threat. If not stopped, this new menace will change history and everyone linked to Jacynda’s future and past.

Come, join Jacynda, Alastair and Jonathan in this next installment of the Time Rover Series. To say Jana Oliver gets better with each book is an understatement. This wordsmith is a marvel at what she does. The Time Rover Series will certainly become one of the standards for time travel fiction in the years to come. Our rising star, Jana, may go super nova soon. Get this book, read it and be thrilled.–Steven Fivecats, Editor