Book One of the Underground
by Frank Creed

ISBN: 978-1-934284-01-8 (Trade paperback)
Pages: 186
Pub. Date: June 2007
Publisher: Writers’ Café Press

The year: 2036. The place: Planet Earth. Yes, Charlotte, there is a global government at this time. It has a really cool name: One State. Very original, huh? No, Charlotte, this is not a spiffy place to live. Why? For starters, we have uniformed gorillas called peacekeepers lurking around with nothing better to done than ruin your day and arrest people. Who are they looking for? Oh, Charlotte, you had to ask. Those crazy Fundamentalist terrorists who think there really is a God and that Jesus Christ, a.k.a. the Liberator, has given all those who want a free pass to heaven. Let us not forget all those Neros out there who are really, really bad dudes and want to see you on the inside of a bug chamber. Pretty heavy duty cool! But not as spiffy as Calamity Kid and e-girl who dance a mean tango across the valley of death in order to spring their home-church from the coma inducing clutches of Nasty Nero himself and his Indwelling Demonic Move-Ins.

Flashpoint is a intriguing cyberpunk novel by Frank Creed that I found to be such a blast to read. I haven’t had this much fun with a book in a long, long time. Creed is a gusty writer who gets you into the story at light speed, builds a believable futuristic world that keeps you wanting to find out more. Flashpoint uses all the catch phrases of this current generation and moves one into a cyberworld where the techno-gizmos we’ve created take on new meaning. The characters are compelling and strong. As I was reading this book, I felt I was in a video game. Graphically portrayed with sensitivity to the reading audience, Creed writing style is both unique and daring. One only has to read a few pages before he has the lingo down and the techno-phrasing becomes and enhancing tool throughout the whole book. If you want something different, cutting edge, then pick up Flashpoint. You will not be disappointed.

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