The Exodus Gate
Book One: Rising Dawn Sagaexodusgatecv2
by Stephen Zimmer

ISBN: 9780615267470 (Trade Paperback)
566 pages
Pub. Date: March 2009
Publisher: Seventh Star Press

Benedict Darwin deals with the strange, the nut cases and weirdos who chase UFOs and ghost. It gets him ratings that has propelled him to the height of late night talk radio. The stranger the better and he loves every twisted tale that comes his way. But Darwin’s world is about to change as well as his views of what really is paranormal. Benedict’s friend at Babylon Technologies wants him to try out their latest R&D item: the next generation in virtual reality. Benedict is willing to try anything once and he gets more than he bargains for with this new simulator.

Little does Darwin know that there are other forces at work in the universe in which he will become a prime player. His paranormal late night entertainment is about to become scary real. These supernatural forces from the Abyss and their human counterparts are working relentlessly to establish a one world government. Their goal is pure and simple; bridge the space and time continuum and bring back the Nephilim, those offspring of the Fallen Avatars and humans which were destroyed in the Great Flood.

The war between good and evil has just escalated. This new rising storm is about to cross time and space and splinter planet Earth. In the middle of this clash of titans is the most unlikely of heroes. Benedict Darwin, his niece Arianna, high school student Seth Engel and his friends along with beings from the afterworld rise to the occasion and take on the Forces of Darkness that want to bring down the Most High once and for all eternity.

With The Exodus Gate author Stephen Zimmer sets the stage for an adventurous new science fiction fantasy series that is sure to entertain the reader from beginning to end. Zimmer has weaved a tale of fantastic realms populated with exotic creatures. Keep a sharp eye out for this new series.—Mark Randell, Y-30 Staff