A Lever Long Enough

A Lever Long Enoughleverlongcv
by Amy Deardon

ISBN-13: 9780981899725 (Trade Paperback)
352 pages
Pub. Date: July 2008
Publisher: Taegais Publishing, LLC

The threat to world peace is real. But it’s not Iran marshaling it’s nuclear capabilities or the Saudi’s trying to put the squeeze on OPEC. The real threat to a fragile peace being brokered between the UN’s charismatic leader, Marc Raseac, and Israel is the fanatic followers of Yeshua (Jesus). To diffuse this threat to the delicate peace negotiations, the Israeli military has financed and developed a time machine — code name: FlashBack. Their reasoning? If they can send a team back in time to film the theft of Jesus’ body from the tomb it will disprove Christianity once and for all, thus neutralizing these fanatical followers of Yeshua.

Colonel Benjamin Feinan will led the FlashBack team. He’s a seasoned special operations soldier. He knows his stuff and he’s dedicated to making sure the peace treaty is signed. The other members of FlashBack include an ex-American astronaut, an archaeologist and a linguist. The team has only seventy-two hours to collect the video evidence and get back to present time. It has been said, “the best laid plans…” can go asunder. This is true of the FlashBack mission. Things don’t go as planned. On the contrary. Once the team appears in the first century things go from critical to worse. Colonel Feinan discovers he may have a saboteur aboard. That problem is complicated when the team must deal directly with the inhabitants of first century Jerusalem. There’s more to the mystery surrounding Yeshua’s resurrection than they thought. Feinan and his team soon learn that first century politics can be as deadly as any twenty first century political anarchist. The FlashBack team’s peril spans across time as a traitor at the military complex attempts to sabotage the mission and seize control.

Amy Deardon has written a truly fantastic debut novel. It is a fast paced, well written and throughly engaging tale. Deardon has paid attention to detail and history, weaving a high energy thriller from the very first page. Although there are a few lulls in the middle this does not distract from the storyline and only slows the pace of the book down minimally. She covers all her bases in weaving a convincing thriller that will certainly appeal to anyone who likes time travel and military action. With this extremely well done first novel, I look for even better things to come from Amy Deardon. Keep watch, Deardon’s star will certainly get brighter in the writer’s sky.— Grace Lightfoot, Associate Editor, Yellow30 Sci-Fi

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