Leaps of Faith
edited by Karina & Robert Fabian
ISBN-13: 9781934284100 (Trade Paperback)
207 pages
Pub. Date: November 2008
Publisher: The Writer’s Café Press

Science fiction enjoyed it’s hay day when pulp magazines churned out story after story of future worlds, alien races, time travel, faster than light speed and close encounters of every kind. Those same stories appeared in anthologies well beyond the life of the magazine that gave them birth. Those were the bold days of science fiction writers. Exploring a market and audience that wanted to be challenged and entertained. It launched many a career, mading several authors house hold names, and spawning television shows and movies that are still circulating the airwaves as this is being written.

Today a new breed of science fiction author has stepped into the spotlight. Enter the Christian science fiction writers who blend well written, well plotted and thought provoking ideas and images with the threads of their beloved faith. Leaps of Faith will undoubtedly go down as one of the best collections of Christian science fiction in this new century. Katrina and Robert Fabian have pooled together some incredible talent to spotlight the rapidly emerging Christian Speculative Fiction Movement.

Every facet of science fiction is explored in this volume; i.e. space exploration, encounters with alien life, time travel and of course your hard core sci-fi stuff of genetic engineering and equations that reveal the true answer to how the universe got here. This book will certain entertain and challenge the reader. If you enjoy short stories, this is for you. —Steven Fivecats, Editor